Last days and first days

Yesterday my wife and I had a mediation session to get our affairs about the divorce sorted out. Unfortunately it failed due to our inability to agree on how to handle visitation of our son.

So it seems that the matter will be handled by attorneys and judges from now on, which was the opposite of what I hoped for. On one side I am really sad that we couldn’t avoid this and have to rely on strangers deciding our fates, but on the other side I am a bit happy, because from now on my future attorney will have to handle conversation with the mother of my son. So yesterday became the last day I had to talk to her. Today is the first day of not having to talk to her ever again.

In a couple of hours I will get the key to my new apartment. Technically the lease starts on Monday, but I am pretty sure that nobody will notice or complain if I start sleeping there a bit early. I might have to fall back to camping gear for my bed, as the moving of my remaining furniture starts on Monday and the new furniture will arrive somewhen in 3 weeks. But that’s OK, because it makes yesterday the last day in the house I called home for 2 and a half year and on Tuesday I will be off to visit family for 2 weeks anyway, so this is really temporary.

Today I will also show my new place to my son. Afterwards I plan on explaining the situation to him. In hope for the best I want to take him shopping for furniture that we can place in his new bedroom. So yesterday was the last day I tried to pretend everything is normal. Today will be the first day my son has to experience as the end of his time with both parents. I am not sure how, but I will try to make it the least harmful for him and not go into details about the hows and whys. It will be though, but I can’t avoid it any longer, for his sake.

Yeah and today is my last day in office, as my holiday starts, but thats temporary. Without work I wouldn’t know what to do with me, so I am glad to have my current job. Let’s hope I can keep it for the time being.