Reviewing the situation

A lot has happened this week. I got confirmation from my new landlord to be able to move in 3 weeks time. I saw a lawyer, who didn’t seem to understand me. I was able to setup a meeting with the mother of my son, a mediator and myself to solve the remaining questions about how to proceed and found many people to spend time with. Though I have been feeling down sometimes, right now everything looks bright.

The new place is gonna be awesome. I get a parking spot in the underground car park, so no more running during the rainy days, no more frozen cars during the winter, and no more overheated air during summer. It has two bathrooms, one with a shower, another one with a bath tube. Large living room with open kitchen, massive balcony and 3 bedrooms. Enough for my son, me, and whoever wants to stay for a couple of nights. There is a washing machine inside, but I can still use the public one in the basement. And I can see the window of my son’s bedroom. Whats missing is furniture, a bed, kitchen stuff and so on and so forth, but it’s going to be fun choosing everything without having to agree with someone.

When I broke the news to my wife I was tiny bit disappointed, because the only reaction of her was being happy about getting my old parking spot near the house, but I got over that after a day. Now I can actually say that I am happy for her, if she isn’t feeling as bothered by this situation as I am. This whole story isn’t pleasant for anyone, so I would love to make the best of it and not start a war about little things.

At first I was a bit nervous trying to find new people filling the void, but thanks to some great people I know from my office and social networks I easily found many people to do things with or just talk. Tonight I am going out with 2 guys, enjoying men-only-time, which is perfect for me, since I don’t feel like dating or hooking up until I get my own place and bed. 

Next weekend my son and me will be in Cologne over the weekend to celebrate my grandma’s birthday. The whole family is there. Actually we were supposed to go there with his mother as well, but I don’t expect her to come in this situation (and honestly I would prefer her to stay out of my life and away from my relatives). I made plans for a brief vacation, flying to Texas and meet with my brother, who has already been through all I have in front of me. I am really looking forward to meet my nieces and nephew.

So I get out of the house, see places, and meet people. No glooming at home, feeling depressed, eating junkfood while desperately trying to find something on TV interesting enough to take my mind away from my situation. My bank account is suffering though. It’s not like I will starve. It’s just that I currently spend more than I earn, which is unusual. Thanks to some savings I can still keep on going and even get a LARGE bed. Life is good. I hope it stays that way for a long time.