Slowly moving forward

Yesterday I spent another hour on the crosstrainer, but today I don’t feel it anymore. Which means I can go again today. Which is great, because my mood is pretty bad at the moment. There is no particular reason, so some exercise will hopefully improve that, at least temporarily.

Also I went to see yet another apartment yesterday and I really liked it. It’s large, pretty new, has 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a large balcony, it’s own washing machine, and there is even a small playground right in front of it. So I got all papers ready and sent them in today. Now I have to wait again for the landlord’s approval. The chances are pretty good, at least if you believe the old tenants who told me that I was the first one to visit the place. I just hope they move fast, so I can get everything else moving.

I decided that I will have a talk with my son after I sign a contract for whatever place I will go to and explain the situation to him. This is kind of overdue anyway and he deserves the truth. Together with that I will inform his mother about me moving out and have another go at trying to find an agreement on how to handle custody and visitation rights. If this doesn’t work out it will have legal consequences. I rather have this settled without the need for lawyers, but I will go that route if I am out of alternatives.

Slowly I get back into tech-developing. I made some progress at work, though the desired breakthrough is still not there, yet. I wish I could focus for more than 1 hour, but right now that’s all I got before I need a break. It still feels good to be needed and I enjoy supporting my coworkers and I wish I had the mental strength to keep going at it for more than 8 hours per day, but surely that day will come, too.

I forgot to call my mother yesterday. It was her birthday and I feel really bad about not thinking about her. I will ask my son to join me for a video call tonight and sing for her.