Reviewing the situation

A lot has happened this week. I got confirmation from my new landlord to be able to move in 3 weeks time. I saw a lawyer, who didn’t seem to understand me. I was able to setup a meeting with the mother of my son, a mediator and myself to solve the remaining questions about how to proceed and found many people to spend time with. Though I have been feeling down sometimes, right now everything looks bright.

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Don’t be a DevOps Engineer

I imagine that after reading the title some people might ask “Why? Isn’t DevOps a good thing? Aren’t you a DevOps guy yourself?”. These are all good and fair questions. So, yeah, my current job title is DevOps Evangelist. I promote the use of DevOps principles and help people adding said principles to their skill set. DevOps isn’t a bad thing either, actually it’s a great thing, which helps many people produce better software at a much faster speed. So why do I recommend not being a DevOps Engineer? Here is why. Continue reading “Don’t be a DevOps Engineer”

Ups and downs

Last Thursday I managed to renew my gym membership and on Saturday I finally got myself to actually make use of it. I spent 1 hour on a crosstrainer and felt great. For a couple of hours at least. The next day I felt muscles I haven’t felt in quite a long time. But one thing I remember was a slogan I’ve read on the crosstrainer’s display: “You’ve taken the first step …” and I was quite happy about it. Continue reading “Ups and downs”